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Author Topic: stark trek online... or jon luke pickhard and the uss enterprize  (Read 3898 times)


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yes, that was an actual character and ship name i saw playing the beta.

so far it seems like a true to the mythos game.  pretty much standard mmo stuff other than that.  i'm curious to see how popular the ground mechanics end up being.  cause it seems no matter what class you choose, you're just a pet class.   grouping feels like it would be pointless cause you've already got your bridge crew following you around anyhow.

in space, holding both mouse buttons to control flight is really clunky.

anyone else trying out the free beta?

ended up with an extra beta key, if anyone wants.   SBOB1CUYHL8NRYTUHDLWN3LG8
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Didn't get a chance to play the beta, but I just bought the game and a lifetime subscription.

The rest of this thread can be about how crazy I am.  And also maybe orion girls?  The one in the reboot movie was pretty hot.


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So you got one of them liberated Borg characters?
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And also maybe orion girls?  The one in the reboot movie was pretty hot.

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So you got one of them liberated Borg characters?
Actually on a lifetime sub he gets to play as a liberated Borg. You get one external to yourself if you pre-order on Amazon. You'll have to tell me how it plays compared to the other races.
I tried the beta. I was overall impressed with the game. The space combat is a little clunky, but not horrible. The ground action feels very much like World of Warcraft. I'm a little disappointed with that, but since WoW came along, most MMOs that have released since have tried to be as much like it as possible, so this doesn't surprise me.
As for grouping, it might seem pointless initially (Especially on the ground) but keep in mind that no matter how well the AI is programmed it will never compare to having a real person with you instead. And I've not noticed much of a difference in the classes at all while I played, although I admit I didn't focus too much on the inner workings of the engineer I was using, so there may be more depth than I realize. Space grouping comes in handy though. It can get very difficult to solo heavy battleships in a light cruiser.
That's my opinion on the game anyway. I do plan to pre-order the DDE through steam. No lifetime sub though. I'm not confident it will be worth the money for me.

Oh, and for anyone who doesn't like me, keep the drama in the hate thread. I'm trying to be as constructive as possible here and would rather not see any thread I post on polluted with hate spam.

EDIT: Just noticed I forgot to comment on the thread title itself :P I didn't see that ship in particular, but I saw shit like USS Roflcopter and other such retarded names. Perhaps you ran into me in game? I was Captain Ray of the USS Shadow.
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