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Author Topic: Dragon*Con  (Read 7024 times)


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« on: 15 Jul 2009, 18:35 »

If you want to go to Dragon*Con for free, go to and check out the Volunteer section. There are lots of places that still need people! Working Dragon*Con is a great opportunity to meet celebrities (Partick Stewart and Leonard Nimoy will be there this year) as well as be there for the whole time without spending any money.

Once you have volunteered one year, unless you say you will never come back, you will be in the system forever. You can skip a year and come back the next and still be on staff and working for free; at least, that is how it works at TechOps. The other options are Registration and Security, and if you're lucky you can be a gofer for management.

Some specs:
-Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media and pop-culture convention in the country, and the largest convention in the southeast.
-30,000+ people show up every year.
-The convention lasts 4 days, Friday to Monday, over Labor Day Weekend.
-D*Con sees a lot of interesting folks:
   +The cast of Firefly was there for multiple appearances and panels last year.
   +Ray Park, the guy who played Darth Maul, created some interesting situations last year.
   +Patrick Stewart and Leonard Nimoy and Terry Gilliam will be there this year.
   +The Crüxshadows, Voltaire, and Emerald Rose, among others, are all regulars and come back every year.
   +Tony Moran, Alan Ruck, James Randi, Jason Momoa, Peter Mayhew, Doug Bradley,
   +Some of the cast of the movie Twilight will be there, including Peter Facinell, Michael Welch,
   +Some people from True Blood, like John Billingsley, will also be there.

Posting in here does not get you anything. You have to go to the site and do everything officially. You can even say you know me or you heard about it through me, even though that is a big fat lie.

Doooo it.
Hey everyone, I need to buy some new bookshelves. When I get back from Ikea and put them together you're all invited to the bookshelf launch party.
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