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  • 25 Jan 2022, 09:33
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Author Topic: zomg, new Flaming Lips album streaming on Cobert's site after tonight's show  (Read 1904 times)


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  • and the driving snow that drives me home

I've had "The Impulse" on repeat for close to a half an hour now. Probably the best I've heard from them since the Yoshimi days.

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  • om nom nom nom

Sweet.  Can't wait!

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Oh man, they've done it again. They've completely changed their style. I fucking love the Lips so much.


I saw the song they played on the Colbert Report earlier (or if there were two, the second one) and it was rad. That bassline is ridiculous.
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The whole album is ridiculous.  Its great, probably my favorite of theirs.


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so uh I am watching this right now and does that double neck guitar just have a guitar hero controller with a Kaosscillator put into the body on the bottom?

holy crap!

this song is kinda cool kind Hawkwind style space-rock with a bit more pop melody to keep the bass from having to carry the song, hopefully my internet resets itself before Tuesday so I can stream the whole album and check it out
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