• 04 Dec 2023, 04:43
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Author Topic: "Discorde", an awesome animation (shameless friend-promotion)  (Read 3350 times)


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A friend of mine made an animation (in French) as part of his training in art school, and put it on Youtube sometimes ago. I liked it very much, so when he recently subtitled it in English, I decided to help get it known worldwide. To do so, I started planting posts like the one you are currently reading in every forums I'm active in.

Now I could go swearing it really is sincere enthusiasm on my part, but why bother to do so when you can look at it here and judge by yourself according to your own tastes? (What I swear is that it's not a rickroll, just in case you wonder)

EDIT: oh, and it's SWF, by the way.
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