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Author Topic: 2010 in Music  (Read 400394 times)


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Re: 2010 in Music
« Reply #1450 on: 23 Jan 2011, 19:07 »

I just don't really think you can call Minaj the next big exciting thing.

I had to quote this from ages ago, because this is one time I actually agree with Kieffer.

Like, I was reading an article a while back where some dude was saying Minaj was great and she's the next big exciting thing in pop rap and that she breaks all these stereotypes and pushes the boundaries and etc, but when I went to look for some of her stuff all I found was the end product of some production-line shit where they get MIA, Lil' Kim and Missy Elliot, whir them in a blender and put it into a porn star's body.

and like, I haven't read that much about her lyrics or any of that, but where does this feminism angle come from?  The clips of her that I've seen have her in spandex outfits shoving her tits and ass at the camera and pouting, so how does that work?
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