There is a live QC wiki!

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Is it cold in here?:

In parallel, efforts are underway to revive the QC Annotation Project, and does anyone have contact information for

So far it's mostly character biographies, but it has links to other cool resources like jwhouk's episode summaries and beaniesue's list of Coffee of Doom specials. Besides the list of wanted articles and stubs, please feel free to contribute articles about the QC world's background.

This can be a home for detailed information that's not "notable" enough for Wikipedia, creative works like the AnthroPC Handbook, non-NPOV material like explanations for new readers about why QC is awesome, and if all else fails, transcripts of the comics that aren't in ohnorobot (but wait until all else fails).

In addition to content, offers of hosting are welcome. No offense to the folks, but I can see objections coming, and fully understand them.

Come have fun!

Oh, boy! 

Another way to waste time! 


Fun, though.  I've edited a page or two already...

Is it cold in here?:
I logged back in to comment that there were edits already! Looking good so far.

the Faye article is all out of order.  :|

The Duke:
What's the deal with the picture on the entry for Penelope?


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