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  • 30 Mar 2020, 07:22
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Author Topic: The old newbie... I mean, the new oldie... I mean... oh damn. whatever.  (Read 4825 times)


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I've been reading QC for almost 4 years now... and obviously no one needs me to tell them what a HIGH-larious comic it is. I signed up ages ago... and signed in today, for the first time. Which is, I suppose, indicative of my inherent laziness.  :mrgreen:

My fave character is Dora, quite possibly because I identify with her; and the Yellingbird, because, boy, can that bird swear!!!

I guess that's pretty much it, hopefully i'll be a regular part of the forum from now on.

~ Sierra


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Welcome to the forums, qcprincesse.


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keep it real while yr here, yo
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