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smack that isaiah:
Hey party people, Jimor is generously hosting a Minecraft server at the moment.  If you're interested in joining, PM him your Minecraft user name to get whitelisted!

So, Minecraft was free to play this weekend (is still free as I write this, but I'm unsure when it will no longer be free) because the servers were down, and it is so awesome.  Once everything's back up, I plan on buying it.  It's very basic gameplya, I'm a bit unsure why I enjoy it so much.  You just kinda go around and break things, and then make them into other things... and at night monsters like zombies can be threatening.

There is a minecraft wiki, but it's down right now.

So, does anyone else here play minecraft?  Does anyone have some crazy fun random things about what (and how) to make?  (Does someone here know what to do with the material cows drop?  I tried eating it like pig flesh, but it didn't work, and I couldn't make boots out of it.  Also, is it possible to turn wool from sheeps into the string that spiders drop?).

(I searched and only found a few mentions of Minecraft in the Dwarf Fortress thread, I hope this isn't a repeat thread)

edit: oh god, I have work I have to be doing.  Why am I still playing this?

It's an alright game, but not one I would pay $12 for.

The multiplayer-friendly construction mode should still be free of charge, and it's plenty awesome.

I played it a bit when it was it's early early early stages. It was boring as fuck at the time though.

Perhaps I'll give it another try if they do another free weekend.

Sweet, sweet minecraft. I love it so much.

The thing cows drop is leather, you can make all of the armor out of it, just like iron, gold, and etc.

I'm currently in the middle of building a giant treehouse; you can put a block of dirt on a tree and build one tree on top of another. It looks awesome so far. I'm thinking of making a huge ship-like structure soon.


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