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Author Topic: PS3 Gaming anyone?  (Read 2312 times)


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PS3 Gaming anyone?
« on: 05 Aug 2013, 15:54 »

I was wondering how many people actually play ps3 games (as opposed to rarely playing and just using it for netflix :/ )

I've got like 20 people on my list but half of them rarely play anything. You can add me if you want: megami7502

Just let me know you're from here in the message body and we'll find something to play.  Right now, I'm trying to platinum Red Faction: Guerilla (The good one.. not that god awful one that killed the series)


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Re: PS3 Gaming anyone?
« Reply #1 on: 06 Aug 2013, 08:40 »

I'm old-school, and still primarily use my ps3 for gaming. Right now, I'm a little too obsessed with Battlefield 2 and 3. I suck at multiplayer, but I'm slowly getting better.
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