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Author Topic: Splatterhouse  (Read 2178 times)


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« on: 13 Oct 2010, 17:46 »

So has anyone heard much about this game? Me and my brother used to get nightmares from the original ones. Managed to find a demo video from E3 and the game is slated to come out on the 26th. If it doesn't turn out to be crap I might pick it up. I mean at the very least I'll have to rent it, doesn't look like the most intriguing or amazing gameplay but I mean, blood, lots and lots of it.
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Re: Splatterhouse
« Reply #1 on: 14 Oct 2010, 01:36 »

It's been in development hell for a while. Namco actually canned the studio that was originally working on it and moved it to their internal guys, which was really a dick move because that studio ended up shutting down as a result. I have no idea if it'll be any good or not, but that's usually a pretty big warning sign.
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