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Author Topic: greetings, ev'ryone  (Read 5587 times)


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greetings, ev'ryone
« on: 14 Oct 2010, 12:44 »

I have just joined the forum, although I've been following QC for nearly a year now.

"Only a year?", I hear you ask. Well yes. I actually found it out the day Geocities went down, because xkcd changed its design for the day and I suddenly saw a link I hadn't seen before.
Naturally, I spent a couple of months catching up, and loving everything.

QC is the webcomic that gor me into webcomics for good, and I do love it so. I hope to enjoy the forum!
(but I won't be too much of a frequent poster, I'm afraid)

oh, I also greatly enjoy Jeph's musical suggestions. Hooray!
Eggplant casserole tonight?
Why, yes!
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