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Author Topic: Hiyas!  (Read 5485 times)


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« on: 20 Oct 2010, 15:16 »

Hi, I'm Rob. I got started reading QC about two years ago and have kept up ever since, and delved into the archives on occasion.

And I'm really glad the activation e-mail thingy got straightened out so I can pop in here to psychoanalyze the characters when the urge strikes.

My first video game system was an Atari 2600 and the best concert I ever went to was the Dead Kennedys. These days I mostly listen to soundtracks from video games I liked. My favorite film of the past year was "Kick-Ass," but I managed to miss "Billy Pilgrim" and "Inception," so there's a chance I'll reevaluate things after those come out on home video.

My favorite other webcomics are mostly other Topatoco-related ones: MSPaint Adventures (I'm holding off on reading the "Homestuck" arc though), Overcompensating/Wigu, Dr. McNinja and XKCD. Also Penny Arcade and PVP. Oh, and Dragon Ball Multiverse is freaking amazing. I also like to read Cracked.

There are things I like a lot about QC, but there are also things that get on my nerves. The things I like are the tone, the gentle humor, the genuine friendship the characters share, and the sporadic side trips into weirdness. The things that get on my nerves include what I see as a kind of pervasive passive sexism -- female characters are almost always given a pass on behaviors that wouldn't be funny if they were committed by a man.

So anyhow, hi. Thanks for letting me in.
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