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  • 09 Apr 2020, 14:47
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Author Topic: Hi, I'm New  (Read 1462 times)


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Hi, I'm New
« on: 07 Nov 2010, 13:51 »

Well, I suppose that you know what I am going to write.
I'm new here, and I hope to enjoy the time I spend in this forum.
I met first time QC due to the WOW jokes and it really catched me soon. I followed the comic during some months, and, a week ago I decided to start reading from the first post. Now, about 10 hours-reading later, I'm here xD.
I am a dude from Spain and the second thing I'd like to say is: Jeph, great work! I enjoyed all the time I spend reading your pages! 
Well, that's all  :-)
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