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Author Topic: Anyone else not digging purple-haired Dora?  (Read 17334 times)


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Re: Anyone else not digging purple-haired Dora?
« Reply #50 on: 15 Dec 2010, 00:23 »

Assuming for the moment that the hair colors had no greater significance (I do kinda like the relationship-stage theory, though), purple-Dora would have been much handier when Raven was around.  Even with Raven's mole, they frequently looked too much alike.  As did Dora & Marten during most of Dora's black phase.  Sister, hell, try "twin"!  And there might also be quibbles about how hard it is to distinguish Sven from Angus sometimes, but that's a different topic.  At least the ladies can resort to hair dye to correct that, as we've seen.

I liked the black-tipped blonde on her as well.  That brings to mind another goth/punk/etc. hair combo Dora could try -- black with red tips. 
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Re: Anyone else not digging purple-haired Dora?
« Reply #51 on: 17 Dec 2010, 03:29 »

I kinda liked her looks around #1500, for example, in this comic: #1515.

Otherwise not so much.
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