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Author Topic: Character Discussions: Tai  (Read 3189 times)


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Character Discussions: Tai
« on: 18 Nov 2010, 20:42 »

Starting a new conversation, to keep my mind off the unfolding story before I speculate myself into a singularity.

So I thought I'd start a series of topics on the characters, starting with one of the ancillaries, Tai. I'm interested by the character for many reasons, but for now let's talk about her contradictions. Specifically the ones surrounding her sexuality.

Tai's a very openly sexual person, to the point where she tends to hit people over the head with it, even using it as a distraction for awkward moments. She's relentless in making passes at pretty much every new female character that's introduced, and giving anyone who will listen detailed reports on her sex life. However, on the occasions where Marten has so much as mentioned sex, Tai backpedals faster than a six year old with a cootie phobia.

I think that Tai has some darkness in her past, something that she feels ashamed of linked to her sexuality. I think that she overcompensates for this by putting sexuality out there in the conversation every chance she gets as a kind of defiance; 'I'm not ashamed! I'm not scared! Let's go get my clit pierced!'

I wonder if we'll ever find out what happened, if indeed anything did. She's a supporting cast member, so probably not, but you never know.

What are your thoughts?

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Re: Character Discussions: Tai
« Reply #1 on: 18 Nov 2010, 21:02 »


It could be as simple as "can dish it out but can't take it", as happened with Faye in the gag reflex discussion.
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Re: Character Discussions: Tai
« Reply #2 on: 18 Nov 2010, 21:12 »

Could be as simple as she was pressured into a sexual relationship with a guy, maybe in high school, before she really came to terms with the fact that she's a lesbian.

It'd definitely make heterosex a very uncomfortable area for her to go to, mentally and emotionally.
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Re: Character Discussions: Tai
« Reply #3 on: 18 Nov 2010, 21:17 »

I always thought that she was just slightly heterophobic. She only starts backpedaling when penises start to enter the picture. It could be that she does not like penises due to some unknown trauma or it could be that she just thinks that penises are gross.

In general, she seems like all bark no bite in terms of sexuality. She hits on everything that has female genitals, but at the same time cannot handle a polyamorous.


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Re: Character Discussions: Tai
« Reply #4 on: 18 Nov 2010, 23:57 »

Outcast in highschool, befriended by the gay girl squad, bisexual for most of it, went to college by herself probably only gay-oriented student outside of any school club.

Finally ending in,

Crazed, will hook up with any girl, lesbian.

Bravo, for not being one of those in your face with an agenda lesbians.
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Re: Character Discussions: Tai
« Reply #5 on: 19 Nov 2010, 00:07 »

Maybe I'm just imagining things, but I could have sworn that I've seen this thread already...


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Re: Character Discussions: Tai
« Reply #6 on: 19 Nov 2010, 00:09 »

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