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Author Topic: Oh hey listen to these individual tracks from "Gimme Shelter"  (Read 2601 times)


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Oh man thank you.
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They also did the Beatles "Helter Skelter" and since I'm a much bigger fan of the Beatles than the Stones OH MY GOD.

But seriously, both of these are so cool I love it.
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Ok so like, I love the Rolling Stones, and I love this album, and this song.

But anyone who refers to Charlie Watts as a "human metronome" is hilariously, irredeemably wrong, and completely misunderstands one of the fundamental characteristics of the Rolling Stones. Charlie Watts is not a human metronome. Keith Richards is a human metronome. Charlie Watts is behind the beat *all the time*, sloppy as fuck, and generally just a very loose, messy drummer. Charlie Watts is an interesting percussionist, but Keith Richards is the Stones' drummer.
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Definitely some cool shit.  Unfortunate, though, that all the videos are down from youtube, save for the vocal track.  Really, really cool video of it's own though.

I got sent a link recently of a BBC radio show doing the same deconstruction for The Beatles' Come Together, A Day In The Life, and She's Leaving Home.  Enjoy:
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