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Author Topic: Sorry this is my *second* post  (Read 2612 times)


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Sorry this is my *second* post
« on: 01 Dec 2010, 09:27 »

Hi, I'm DJRubberducky, I don't remember when I started reading QC but I do remember that I was introduced to it because a friend of mine who had a Starbucks gig was introduced to strip #9.  I'm kind of prone to archive-binging; that's why my start date is a blur.

I also don't remember when I started reading the forums (it's been months); I just know that I started getting a big urge to post back during The Underpants Incident - mostly because I've spent a lot of my life being The Insecure Psycho and thus felt I had insight to offer.  My resolve finally outweighed my trepidation when somebody remarked on the discussion thread for strip #1808 asking why everyone was all gung-ho about Dora going to a professional therapist.  (My reply to him is on page 6 if you are curious.)

Anyway, I don't play WoW but I do play a lot of dice-and-paper RPGs.  So apparently if I ever outgrow that, I'll get into indie music.  Since I live in the D/FW area, I do have access to one radio show a week that features such stuff.  Sometimes I'm in the mood for it and sometimes I'm not.  Ah well.

Also, I'm 35 years old and have been part of online communities for about half my life now.  So rest assured that if I post something boring and/or leotarded, it's because I wholeheartedly believe it's not.  :laugh:

And no, I'm not going to use THAT emoticon.  I'm DJ RUBBERducky, not DJ PSYducky.  :wink:


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Re: Sorry this is my *second* post
« Reply #1 on: 05 Dec 2010, 14:53 »

This post actually made me want to reply (half of the newbie threads didn't seem very promising). Welcome to the forum. You seem like you know what you're doing. Carry on.
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