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Author Topic: Baneworld - Browser MORPG  (Read 3691 times)


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Baneworld - Browser MORPG
« on: 25 Oct 2011, 11:06 »

(For more images, please view this thread, some are a bit outdated though: )

Baneworld is a unique take on a long run and commonly sought after game system. It re-does what has been done for a long time running, with completely innovative ideas, from a detailed stats/skills system to the animations around every corner. Baneworld brings the old looks of our past to a whole new light, and what a bright light it is.

It uses a highly detailed system for both statistics and skills mixing a bit of the best while retaining a completely brand new look. Be it the skill notches, which help the player to not think that it's taking Forever to get from one skill point to the next, by giving smaller rewards, more often. Or the statistics which are just a simple 4, but used very effectively. Every various skill ultimately comes down to being affected by one, if not two, different statistics.

The animations and graphics behind this game are magnificent, and far ahead of most other browser based games, especially for something running without any plugins necessary, not even Java! Almost every time your character does anything you will see it move, and there isn't any of that "jerking" motion that is so common in most browser games. (Note, some people with older machines may need to turn off Smooth Step in the options menu as it will look like you're lagging otherwise)

It has a list of items that would make most browser games tremble in fear, and contains far more than the claim of "7000+" items. These items will also remind you at every instant of some such games as Diablo, or almost any D&D based game. The items also contain various elemental effects, based on their "gem" property, which is an absolute must when facing the strongest of enemies.

The elemental system is again, very basic, yet used to its utmost fullest. Almost every enemy will have some form of elemental strengths/weaknesses to counter whatever you have to throw at it and will make changing equipment in battle a must.

Again, Baneworld may look a lot like much of the same, but it is. And by being much of the same it found the way to finally show the best qualities of all that, in a new light. And as I said before, what a bright light that is.

We're currently short on players, and looking for any more to come, as without them we can't really evaluate what we've done. As the game grows bigger we will surely need people to help with various parts of the game, and people who I, and the other admins, grow to know through the use of forums, and the in game chat window, will be the most likely candidates for these jobs.

A Guide to Help Start

   Yes, starting out in this game can, and will, prove to be quite hard if you have no idea what you're doing. Most of it should be pretty obvious, but sometimes it can confuse people. First things first, there are no classes in BW. Then why is he asking you what class you want to be? He isn't. He's asking you what stuff you want to start with. These should be obvious, the wizard one gives you some spells of use, the warrior one gives you a sword and some other useful skills, and the ranger one gives you a bow, some arrows, and some skills of use. In no way will this define what you're character is, just what he was good at in the beginning. After talking to him a bit there's a battle. Now how do you fight?

   To attack with a melee weapon (or your hands) you just walk up to the enemy and with 2 or more Action Points (AP) move into it. Obviously this means that with some strategy you can always get the first hit in 1 on 1 fights with melee enemies. Now, anyone with a ranged skill (bow or magic) can use it by choosing the arrow/spell from a drop down list and clicking the button next to it, then clicking the enemy. Wait, it said I can't see the enemy or something! Yes yes, I'm well aware of that. You see that tree sitting right between you and the enemy? It blocks your spell/arrow. Wow, who'dathunkit? Any objects (yes, any, including that stupid chair) can block your line of sight with spells/arrows.

   Okay, so you've made it past the first hurdle, what next? Well, there's some shiny arrows on the ground that point to a few different houses. The ones going SouthEast are the most important right now. If you go there you can get free healing, and some cool quests or something. However, I must warn against finishing his quest in the iron mines until you are ready to do without free healing. There is a pay for healing area a bit NorthEast of this place at a weird circle, and you can always try that afterward, however it's still gonna end up being costly early on. So, your best bet as of now is to try finding other people to do quests for instead. There's plenty of them, and yes, some will be a bit above your skill level, you should figure these out early on and not be too deterred.

   Worry not about dying, it only costs you if you have over 30k gold on you, and that should never be the case what with the bank in the eastern town. Well, unless you fill it up with an ungodly amount of gold. In which case I will have to ask you for a loan of money at that time as even I don't have that much. What else is in this fancy town? Well, there's a repair shop, who repairs items that are any amount broken, however you may need to unequip them first (although this is getting fixed, soon). There's also a market place where players sell items, and an expensive auction house. Not to mention the general store that carries every item you could never need. There's also a pub, and lastly, the guild halls. The Guild Halls are located on the northern wall near the bank. Here you'll find plenty of fun guilds to join and a place to have a grand old time at, or a place to set out on devilish wars to ransack other guilds and acquire marvelous items.

   This should help you to start out a good amount, and any other questions should be said. Don't forget to click "Chat Window" on the top bar menu or on the left menu (or bottom menu in full screen) at any time to join the wonderful people in Chat if you ever feel the need... Please... It gets very boring in there without anyone to talk to. (This would be the place I would promote the wiki at, but currently the wiki is non-existant. Planning on something to get it back up and running soon) If the wiki and chat both fail you, don't feel afraid to click the Forums button and check it for help, as some of your questions may have already been answered, and there's some nice stickied help threads in there too.


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Re: Baneworld - Browser MORPG
« Reply #1 on: 29 Oct 2011, 08:03 »

Looks kinda like Runescape
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