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Author Topic: Hi? Hi.  (Read 2306 times)


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Hi? Hi.
« on: 28 Feb 2011, 19:45 »

Yes, hello.

I might be as wrong to these forums as anyone can be, but it looks like major fun.
Since the whole story of the comic happened within 2 days for me (thus being "one thing"), I probably don't have a feeling for the (in)significance of single comic strips or the evolution of the QC universe. Sorry for any ignorance and inconvenience caused by that.
I also promise I'll try to forget that I was taught to quote the last post above me and my fondness for old memes, in case I'll ever post much.
Hope there won't be many facepalms because of my English (not my first language). There will be enough facepalms, anyways.
[Insert witty things here that make me look like I weren't a total idiot.]

Please, thank you and good day!


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Re: Hi? Hi.
« Reply #1 on: 28 Feb 2011, 20:41 »

Lots of people seem to show up here after an archive binge.  You'll be fine as long as you read the rules and follow them most of the time.  And if you annoy anyone, don't lose sleep over it, just learn from it.  I annoyed a moderator on, like, my third post - it all blew over before I even had a chance to worry about it.  Welcome!
The first rule of Book Club is you do not talk about Book Club.
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