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Author Topic: Yay newbie !  (Read 2345 times)


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Yay newbie !
« on: 08 Mar 2011, 02:01 »

Hey folks,

Here I am, having discovered QC only recently (this year, in fact), but already read it all twice in that time. Yeah, i REALLY like it. Like, best english language webcomic ever, and I'm not joking. It dethroned OotS as my personal #1. Serious good work here, Jeph.

Other stuff, for those interested in details.... i'm a 29 y.o. guy from a small place near Karlsruhe, Germany, I was born near Paris, France, I'm married and have a 1 y.o. son, I work as a sales engineer. My hobbies include poking dice around a gaming table, poking guitar strings (badly), poking pans and cooking knives, poking philosophy books open, and poking willing participants with my fists, or a pointy stick, or a training knife, or whatever can pass for a weapon.

Music taste ranges from blues to vintage and alternative rock, metal (almost everything except the most extreme forms), progressive versions thereof, classical jazz, acid jazz, some electro, and some French chanson. If I had to describe my taste in music in 10 bands, it would be Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Vanden Plas, Opeth, The Birthday Massacre, AC/DC, Tool, Goldfrapp, The Cure and Dream Theater (in no particular order).

That's about it... well, I'm hoping for a lot of interesting conversations here !

Best regards
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Re: Yay newbie !
« Reply #1 on: 08 Mar 2011, 07:32 »

Everyone who pokes guitar strings (badly) is welcome here.

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