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Author Topic: inFamous 2  (Read 2909 times)


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inFamous 2
« on: 04 Jul 2011, 03:20 »

Maybe I'm already late to the party on this, but whatever. Picked up this game after quite a bit of stalling (this means lack of money). I rather enjoyed the first game, to the point of even playing it twice to do the whole "good and evil endings" thing. So far, the sequel is equally fun.

Now, what I've noticed about inFamous 2 thus far is that it has all of what I liked about the first, but only slightly tones down what bugged me. I love this game's approach to the open world, with the ability to clear out territories inch by inch, the side missions, special race/stunt challenges, etc. Like GTA with lightning instead of horrible gun controls. I love Cole McGrath's locomotion much more then I probably should. The story is even good enough to make you eventually care enough to stop fucking about with the scenery.

Sadly, binary morality systems really chap my tits, even in Star Wars: KotOR, the best game ever made. Also, the enemies are still stupidly hard for me to kill, but not yet near as bad as those fuckers from Empire City.

TL;DR Sandbox good, enemies annoying and morality slider bad.

Thoughts, all?


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Re: inFamous 2
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jul 2011, 17:27 »

Oh, without a doubt in my mind, Infamous 2 is probably the sequel that turned out better than the first one and was designed well. Great sandbox; I spent more time running around trying to break things or explore than I did with the story. Characters, like Zeke, who I disliked in the first one actually decided to actually gain some character and perspective which was, hey, good points in my book.

Morality system was, like always, disappointing. Unless you were a paragon of virtue or a craven of...evilness, you can't reap any benefits of being in the gray area. Or even have a gray area at all. The benefits of getting a really handy ability to get around made me lean towards being good - not because I wanted to do good things and feel good about myself but because I could go around and do stuff albeit a little bit faster.
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