Why does Dora need therapy?

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Alright, so Dora's had a string of bad relationships.  Is that really therapy-worthy? 

Dora does some things to begin the end of her relationship with Marte... and Faye declares she needs therapy.  For the record, Faye is the only character that really needed therapy to get over her father's death.  Characters like Hanners and Dora, that's just who they are.  Dora needs to be with someone she wants to be with and trusted, else she wouldn't be acting the way she does.

I've not convinced she was happy with Marten; therefore, she created situations in her mind to get mad at him.  Dora's a young, successful business woman.  Marten is a flaky librarian assistant with no ambition to do anything.  Once the initial attraction wore off, I wouldn't put it past Dora to wonder why she was even dating someone who didn't have the same drive as her.  Marten is...well....kind of a loser when you look at the big picture.  So Dora breaks up with him, with hardly any emotion towards it, and now she needs to get help?  I think not.

Dora, you're perfectly fine.  Date someone that's more your type and it'll work out fine.

Whoa.  Are you reading the same comic? 

Dora knows she's messed up and needs help. 

She needs help because she's not compatible with Marten?  Huh?

Also, she was COMPLETELY RIGHT about Marten still having feelings for Faye, which came out while he was drunk.  Dora was his choice ONLY because Faye wasn't available.  I don't blame her for not wanting to be second place.

Maybe, but Hanners has admitted at one stage that she could barely cope with anything without the therapy. And look at her now.

The problem with Dora was that despite Faye and Marten telling her repeatedly that nothing would ever happen between them, Dora still thought in the back of her mind that Marten wanted Faye, even though that ship sank and became a coral reef by 509.

And again with drunk Marten and Faye? Really?! Seriously?! The guy had just been dumped by his girlfriend, the woman he loved and who had made a commitment to move in with him. His world gets turned upside down and fubar'd beyond belief, oh and not to mention Pintsize bending over with a fleshlight and a drawing of Dora's ass taped over it. Seriously?! Thats the moment you're picking? Marten was in drunken jerkass horndog mode. Where the fuck do people get the idea that alcohol is this all powerful truth serum? Its not. Its literally fucking poison! If it wasn't Faye who turned up, it would have been Hanners, or Raven if she was around. Hell if Steve turned up, Marten might have gone after him.

There are people who'd pay to see that...


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