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Author Topic: Best/Worst College Party Stories.  (Read 6193 times)


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Best/Worst College Party Stories.
« on: 30 Jun 2011, 13:21 »

Well, it seems we'll be getting a few more pages of the party for the next couple of days, and we'll naturally compare our own experiences, so lets get ahead of it now.

If you've got any good college party stories post them here.

And I suppose as seeing how I'm starting this thread, I better offer the first story.

In my first year at college, one of our professors decided to take us on a field trip to one of the local biomedical companies, so we would get the morning off before the field trip. Well, of course we decided to throw a party the night before, with all 30 of us showing up. Everyone had a good time, had a laugh, and by the end of the night, one of the guys had passed out. Thats just begging for anyone to be messed with. We could have gone with the hand in water, or the shaving foam, but evil bastards that we were decided to do something different. So someone got a Mars bar and slipped it into the guy's pants. He woke up the next morning, had a sheepish look on his face and discreetly left the room. It ended up being that every time he left the room we'd burst out laughing. I think to this day, no one has told him the truth.


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Re: Best/Worst College Party Stories.
« Reply #1 on: 30 Jun 2011, 13:32 »

Both my best involve breaking and entering of a neighboring university. 
The first time a gallon of pharmaceutical-grade 200 proof ethanol was stolen from a lab to make punch. 
The second time a Russian football scarf was stolen and we mounted a successful expedition to the top of a 42-story academic building.


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Re: Best/Worst College Party Stories.
« Reply #2 on: 30 Jun 2011, 15:35 »

Oxford Colleges are (or were) out of bounds to police and suchlike officials, unless invited in.  A "bump supper" is held when the college boat has had particular success that year and moved up the league table on every day of the competition (Eights or Torpids).  My college (Corpus Christi, Oxford) had a bump supper in 1967 (I think).  We can leave aside the bun fight in the Hall over dinner; the real celebration started afterwards with the ceremonial burning of an eight (a boat - we got an old unwanted one from a nearby school) in the centre of the main quad.  It burned very well - so well, in fact, that the authorities in the next college summoned the fire brigade, afraid that the sixteenth-century buildings really were aflame! (or maybe just out of spite).

The main gates were closed, to keep students from other colleges out.  When the bell was rung, the porter went to see who was there, and opened the small postern gate; he was pushed aside by a fireman pulling a hose, already dripping water.  The porter then slammed the gate, making a hole in the hose; the dean (an old rowing blue himself) appeared and ordered the firemen off the premises; some students let off fire extinguishers over the firemen from overlooking windows (they were severely punished, of course, for putting the buildings in jeopardy by depleting their protection); and one student jumped into the fire engine and drove it off.

Well, when the police tried to charge the student with driving a fire engine without a licence, it turned out that he was in fact a volunteer fireman in Ceylon (as it still was), and his licence from there was valid in the UK!  So they charged him with: "taking and driving a fire engine without the permission of the mayor and aldermen of the city of Oxford", and he got a modest fine.

Meanwhile, another student shinned up the sundial in the centre of the quad (there's a copy of it at Princeton), and delivered a karate chop to the statue of a pelican on top, whose head fell off.  Apparently this happens about every 75 years or so; he had to pay for its replacement, which was not cheap.

Just another night keeping traditions warm.
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Re: Best/Worst College Party Stories.
« Reply #3 on: 30 Jun 2011, 18:46 »

My university's student publications director used to throw end-of-semester parties for the publication staffs.
One Christas party, he was walking on the ceiling beams of his living room(I forget why) and whacked his forehead on the ceiling fan.The rest of the partygoers didn't know anything happened until the blood started dripping into the drinks.
At another one, we borrowed his pickup truck to get some firewood and a staffer, an obnoxious drunken gal no one liked grabbed the keys and took off, with a couple of us (including yours truly) in the back hanging on for dear life. She jumped a ditch and one guy fell out; he walked up as the truck ground to a stop and I was berating the driver. He just said, "Yeah. what he said." I left the party and so missed what happened when the drunk girl accepted a dare to jump over the bonfire; she made it halfway across. She milked the injury for all it was worth, getting some football players to push her wheelchair around well after most of us thought she was healed up. The next term, she complained no one took her seriously as editor.
At our last reunion, the director was bemoaning the fact today's legal climate no longer allowed him to throw staff parties.
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Re: Best/Worst College Party Stories.
« Reply #4 on: 30 Jun 2011, 19:16 »

This one kinda took place just before we got into college, but the night of our graduation (three secondary schools in the area, they were told to stagger the graduations out over a week as four Guards couldn't handle nearly 200 18 years getting drunk), so my class goes out for a few drinks together. And eventually we all break down into the groups we did when in school. A few hours later my group are walking along to get to this nightclub, and we walk past this park when two of the guys decide to do a piggyback run through the park. They almost made it to the grass when the big guy feel and hit the pavement, and tore up his forehead and nose. So that kinda killed the night as there was no way we were going to get into a club with someone's face covered in blood. The funny part was the next day he was trying to hide his face from his parents at the breakfast table.

There was also the time we had a mystery tour around the city and 24 of us ended up getting so drunk we were shouting Duffman outside this club. We walk up, one guy actually falling over, and the bouncer just took one look at us, rolled his eyes and went "Go on, you can come in, but just remember, I know what classes you guys have tomorrow." Turns out he was one of the assistants at the college, none of us recognised him until the next day.

Oh, and the time the whole class went out for a party and myself and my flatmate we running to the first lecture of the day, arriving 20 minutes only to find we were the first to show up and the lecturer was off sick with flu, as were every other lecturer we had for the day.

I got plenty more, but I want to keep them for a while  :-D
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