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Author Topic: World of Tanks (PC)  (Read 5244 times)


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World of Tanks (PC)
« on: 17 May 2011, 12:10 »

 :mrgreen: This game has absolutely nothing to do with World of Warcraft, so don't bother asking about World of Warcraft in here. Read the following!


World of Tanks is a recently released game that just ended a long public beta for Europe and America.  It's currently quite popular in Russia, and a lot of people over at have been playing.  If you've heard of this game and have been holding off on joining the rest of the people playing because of the hard wipe before release then now's your chance to join.  The game is released, and we're getting our tanks up quickly.

Check out this sweet trailer for in game action. No really look at this before you read any further.

This is a very promising game.  It's a lobby arcade tank game, based off of 15v15 battles.  There is a grouping system in that allows you to group with 3 other people and enter the same battle.  There's also 15 on 15 battles with the company system as well.  All maps so far are capture the base team death match style, but more is coming.  Clan wars, which is already in the Russian version, is a risk like game played by clans against each other over territories on a Risk like map where battles are fought over land during prime time for the servers.  Territories generate gold and credits for the clans and it looks like it will be a lot of fun.  As I stated before, it's due in a month or so, so we're all trying to get our tanks up before it's live.

Here's some information about clan wars, which looks like it's going to be the bee's knees!

How do I get in?
Simply go to the World of Tanks website and sign up!  The game is public!

 Help, FAQs, Misc. Info

Starting out.

You start out with a tincan newbie tank, the Ms1, the Leichttraktor and whatever the Americans currently have. All three are pretty shitty but hey, you get to ditch them soon. Take a look at the tech tree and accustom yourself to your options. Fighting with your newbie tanks will get you experience for the crew, which in turn can be used to research upgrades and new models. A better engine is your number one priority right now unless you really like going 10kp/h forever. Beware that once you get destroyed in battle, your tank will stay in that room until it is finished. You can leave immediately after you die by hitting ESC, Exit Battle and get back to the garage. Now, you can go right back to fighting with a different tank and wait for the first one to come out. Once its battle is finished, you will get the rewards added to your account and the tank will be available for another turn. Once you have researched new vehicles and amassed enough credits to purchase them, you should consider switching your old crew over unless you want to keep your old tank. Crew can be retrained, but will lose a certain amount of experience. The free option does not mean they will be reduced to 50%, it just means they will lose more experience over the payment options, so go with that. Crew experience means your tank will ultimately perform better so keep that in mind.

Once you have a new tank, you'll get to research all over again. You can sell excess equipment and tanks in the depot menu, but be careful not to sell parts that you might want to install on your new baby because you would have to buy it again.

Tank tank tank tank tractor

Vehicles basically boil down to Tanks, Self-propelled guns (artillery) and Tank Destroyers. Each class serves a different role and purpose. Regular tanks are available from light to super heavy and can serve as scouts or battle tanks. SPGs like to hang back and snipe across the map, while TDs are best suited for hanging back, hiding and taking out targets of opportunity. Since SPGs and TDs are mostly turret-less, they are very vulnerable to flanking maneuvers or fast approaching hostiles.

The difference between the nations changes widely from tank to tank and branch to branch. Generally speaking, German vehicles have better accuracy and range while the Soviets rely on bigger guns and the Americans are "somewhere in the middle".

It's entirely up to you to choose your branch. Artillery can be very effective early on but slowly loses its power the heavier the tanks get on the field. Tank destroyers can put out massive damage at range but are very vulnerable to maneuvering. Tanks aren't as bound to a role. Some models are fast and feeble and best used for scouting, others are slow and heavy but can outgun almost anything with medium tanks in between.


-Hit F1 in battle to bring up the control scheme. Hit shift for instant aim and use the mousewheel to zoom in and out.

-Hit ALT to turn markers into models.

-Avoid sitting still too long because there is some SPG hawking over you.

-Camo: Sitting perfectly still in a bush, not even moving the turret offers the most cover from detection. Naturally small tanks are easier to hide than heavies, bigger bushes offer better cover and movement and fire will reveal you more easily.

-Scouting: Very important and a good source of income and experience. Zipping past the enemy lines in a fast tank will reveal enemies in range and relay their position to your team. This is a good way to mess up the enemy positions and give your heavy guns and artillery things to shoot at.

-Use natural cover such as rocks to your advantage. A hull down position will make you harder to hit.

-If you are a fast, light tank, movement is your best friend. Try to outrun the enemies turret traverse and plink them from behind. Ignore the heavies and try to find lightly armored targets such as SPGs behind their lines.

-SPGs: Find a good spot to shoot from, usually behind some light cover out of the way. Hit shift for eagle eye mode and engage targets of opportunity. Try not to get zerged to death, if you can.

-TDs: Don't rush the lines, hang back a bit and use your superior range and firepower on stationary and slow moving targets. Avoid getting flanked.

-EXP and Cash: Killing, scouting, capturing the base and winning are the biggest source of income.

-Right clicking enemies will turn on auto-aim. It is rather unreliable on moving targets so your best bet is to aim manually by slightly leading your target.

-The colored icons other players show up on your HUD mean:
-Light tank - Diamond
-Medium Tank - Diamond with a single black diagonal bar
-Heavy Tank - Diamond with double black diagonal bars
-TD - Triangle
-SPG - Square

Equipment and shit

-Try and upgrade your vehicles as much as you can. Upgrades offer speed, armor, radio range, spotting range, traverse, and of course guns.

-Radios determine how far you can "see" friend and foe on the minimap and how far they are relayed. Better radios are especially important for scouts, artillery and TDs.

-Compare stats on alternate guns. You might have access to a heavy, less accurate gun over your regular piece. Weigh the difference regarding your role and playstyle.

-A lower accuracy value means the gun is more accurate.

Ron Paul says Gold can be used to:
- Buy credits at 400 credits per 1 gold
- Buy Gold-only tanks
- Buy 'Premium' for 250 gold for one day, which for 24h you get +50% XP + Credits per battle
- Buy Expert crews at 100% per man for 200 gold.

FAQ Forum



Art, pictures, etc. (more to come as I feel like it)

The clans come up with goofy animated gifs based on tank themes and the like on the WoT forums, this is the one from the clan I'm currently rolling with:

Useful Stuff

Scope shadow remover - takes away the black area at edge of screen while in zoomed in/sniper mode

Hit Zones Tank Skin Pack - this shows you critical areas to aim for on many of the most used Tier 8+ tanks

Br2yd4l's icons mod - A thread that's a good source for icon replacements of various types.

PogS Icon Mod - this will replace vague tank silhouettes on map loading screen and in battle with more useful information like armor values for hulls (front/side/rear) and tank type. The last game patch to version 0.6.4 added new tanks to the game so it's very important that if you use this, you MAKE A BACKUP of your original files, then unzip and overwrite to the folders the mod wants to use. If you don't do this, the mod will break your game and you will not be able to load maps. No idea if the author will update this for new version.

Wiki link about the upcoming clan wars!  Can anyone understand this?


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Re: World of Tanks (PC)
« Reply #1 on: 18 May 2011, 03:34 »

Quote from: KharBevNor
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Re: World of Tanks (PC)
« Reply #2 on: 18 May 2011, 05:56 »

Oh yeah, I'm in-game as Wade Wilson [MS-W], so if you see me in game and you're on my team, follow me to victory (or death in a glorious fireball of carnage)!

If you're on the other team, welp, stay out of the way if you want to survive the match.  :evil:


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Re: World of Tanks (PC)
« Reply #3 on: 18 May 2011, 17:05 »

Welp, spent like 4 hours playing this today!
JaceButt is my name there, why is this so much fun?
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Re: World of Tanks (PC)
« Reply #4 on: 19 May 2011, 08:03 »

Because driving around in a tank blowing shit up/getting blown up is fun?

Favorite tank recommendations!

The Russian AT-1 Tank Destroyer becomes an awesome alpha strike death dealer once you can fit either the 57mm or 76mm guns on it (76mm especially for medium range, 57mm for long range sniping and the crazy firing rate).

The American M2 Light is a nice scouting tank, kind of on par with the Russian BT-2 (slightly faster than the BT-2, but less armor).

For artillery, go for the Russian SU-26 and then just stop and stick with that one, it's the best artillery in the game (all high tier artillery pieces suck due to extremely slow reload times and being hilariously vulnerable to same-tiers of anything else). The rotating turret is a plus, as well.



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Re: World of Tanks (PC)
« Reply #5 on: 24 Jun 2011, 21:25 »

Just got this a couple days ago, and OMG, so much fun. For tanks and artillery, I'm playing the American trees, but so I could mess with Tank Destroyers as well, I have a slot for the German ones.

So far, I'm very pleased with how the vast majority of people take a match at least somewhat seriously. At worst a couple people are just impatient and go running off to get killed, but usually, if somebody states a plan, most people go with it. And that seems to be the key, it doesn't matter so much what strategy your team chooses, as long as one gets picked and people work with it as a team. Looking at my stats, it's a perfectly even record with 77 wins, 77 losses, and 1 draw. Only one outright renegade, and one guy who kept rubbing his tank up against mine like he was a cat in heat.

I also like how kills aren't so prioritized in rewarding experience that it skews the teamwork part of the game, a good support role in a fight will also get rewarded. I think my best battle wasn't where I got 4 kills, but where on Mines, when we started at the top, I ran for the hill all alone while the main strike force went over the river. I didn't get any kills, but I distracted and tied up 4-5 enemy tanks trying to take it back while the main invasion force snuck around and flanked their base.
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Re: World of Tanks (PC)
« Reply #6 on: 06 Jul 2011, 08:01 »

Just posting to say that the new American Tank Destroyer line rocks. Just got into the Wolverine and it is amazing having a TD with an actual rotating turret.
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