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  • 27 Jan 2022, 22:46
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Author Topic: Hi I'm new.  (Read 1669 times)


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Hi I'm new.
« on: 03 Aug 2011, 23:08 »

Hello people,

found this from TvTropes "unsoundeffect" page ("scorn" and "caffeine" intruiged me the most), and promptly read the entire archive in a week. Looks fun.

Noticed Jeph is approaching the big 2k mark, which reminded me of when Irregular webcomic did it, and DMM's reaction (now to blow any goodwill by posting a link to some other comic in my first post yay) to the landmark.

I'll shut up now.


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Re: Hi I'm new.
« Reply #1 on: 13 Aug 2011, 14:19 »

Hello there!
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