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Author Topic: I found a Math is Delicious! shirt.  (Read 2923 times)


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I found a Math is Delicious! shirt.
« on: 20 Aug 2011, 09:18 »

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Re: I found a Math is Delicious! shirt.
« Reply #1 on: 17 Sep 2011, 21:53 »

I've seen a few QC t-shirts around and about.

Someone wearing a Bear hoodie at uni last year. Someone else wearing the Hannelore phobias t-shirt. One or two "teh" t-shirts in the city and a year or so back I served a guy wearing an "Evolution Kills" t-shirt.

I totally want to get a "Science is a Verb Now" t-shirt for when I'm teaching.

(Apologies for the thread necromancy, didn't realise this was an older thread).
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