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Author Topic: Last panel of 2057  (Read 2650 times)


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Last panel of 2057
« on: 15 Nov 2011, 00:11 »

Probably the cutest depiction of Marten so far in Questionable Content. Love the messy hair on both of them; it's adorable.
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Re: Last panel of 2057
« Reply #1 on: 15 Nov 2011, 06:59 »

(points carefully down the hallway)

See the door marked "WCDT"? That's not the local radio station in Northampton. It's the Weekly Comic Discussion Thread. It's also a really great place to put a comment like this.

I also agree with your sentiment.
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Re: Last panel of 2057
« Reply #2 on: 15 Nov 2011, 08:14 »

I dunno.  his eyes are a bit intense. 

Like he wants to go wrestle a bear
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