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  • 20 Nov 2017, 20:27
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Author Topic: Marvel Cinematic Universe  (Read 49040 times)


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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe
« Reply #1100 on: 08 Nov 2017, 05:35 »

Its recently been confirmed that Infinity War will have over 60 characters, with about 32 of them sharing one scene alone. Obviously the film can't have go on like that, most of the film will probably focus on small groups and dynamics. The likely groups will probably be:
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe
« Reply #1101 on: 13 Nov 2017, 12:31 »

Holy shit! Go see Thor! It was amazing!  :-D
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe
« Reply #1102 on: 18 Nov 2017, 21:37 »

Thor: Ragnarok is amazing. Itís a superhero movie with the sub-genre Ďcomedy,í and itís more a comedy than it is a superhero flick. The exact mix is indeterminable, but I laughed my ass off more than I have in any Marvel movie to date, and thatís comparing to how I lost probably 7% of my booty meat from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Solid performances all around, especially considering the CGI element.

The best Thor movie by a massive amount. Better than most MCU installments by a fairly large amount, also.
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