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Author Topic: What seemed weird when I visited your country  (Read 65112 times)


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Re: What seemed weird when I visited your country
« Reply #550 on: 16 Jun 2014, 17:49 »

Okay, obviously I was mistaken in stereotyping this as "Americans have this weird notion of dates and non-dates". My apologies.

Edit: *blink* "go out" implies permanence (in Britain, I assume)? I never knew that.

There's a difference between "going out" for a single activity (date, coffee, whatever) and "going out" as a continuous state (in the middle-school sense, in the US). The latter means you're in a relationship even if you're not actually going out for activities all the time. I don't usually say that friends my age now (post-college) are "going out" with people, I think I say they're "seeing" someone.
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Re: What seemed weird when I visited your country
« Reply #551 on: 18 Jun 2014, 13:21 »

Re patronymics, I don't use a patronymic in the Russian style because it isn't my name and doesn't appear on my passport or visa. Russians are actually well aware that Europeans don't have patronymics, the problem is usually that the box is a "required field" on forms. There are various ways of dealing with this but it can be a nuisance, given the Russian bureacracy.

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