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Is it cold in here?:
Post strange things about the English language. If you have a Horrible Example of a sentence gone wrong, please be sure it was from a native speaker before posting -- this thread is about ridiculing the language, not the people trying to learn it.

--- Quote from: A US politician who thought he was using intransitive verbs ---[the politician] will work to expand and enhance access and opportunities for Americans to hunt, shoot, and protect their families

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: A book about structural and safety inspections of houses ---All chimneys in recent construction must be lined with an inflammable material.

--- End quote ---

I have endless fun deliberately misparsing compound noun phrases. For example, shouldn't "Fallout Shelter" mean a place to keep fallout out of the cold and rain?

A business memo from Pacific Gas & Electric back in 1997. A friend of mine works there, and I typed this from the printout he made at the time to show me, and e-mailed it to myself to save it where I could find it again.

--- Quote ---Compliance is an integral part of safety, the partnership and our business
basics--the foundation of our business. We should be proud of our longstanding
commitment to compliance. One of our objectives in 1997 is to stengthen that
longstanding commitment to full compliance. As part of the implementation of
the new CES Policy, I am issuing our T&CS Compliance Plan.

The T&CS Compliance Plan demonstrates our commitment to compliance and the
methods and activities used to ensure compliance. It also outlines everyone's
responsibilities for ensuring our work is performed in compliance with our
commitments. Also, it identifies corrective actions that we must act upon to
develop, implement, and maintain compliance.

Please review the Plan and take the appropriate implementing actions. With
your help, we will fortify our Compliance Program to prevent, detect and
correct noncompliances with CES commitments.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Is it cold in here? on 18 May 2012, 16:28 ---For example, shouldn't "Fallout Shelter" mean a place to keep fallout out of the cold and rain?
--- End quote ---
As a girl, I thought this about bus shelters. Why are they not called passenger shelters?

Roadside sign:


English differs from other languages in one key function: the use of pronouns, conjunctions, and articles instead of declinations.

This makes reading sentences with all three difficult: "He and she did that." 


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