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Author Topic: Blazon! The Card Game  (Read 5314 times)


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Blazon! The Card Game
« on: 19 Jul 2012, 09:18 »

An SCA friend has made a card game based on the rules of heraldry, and has launched a Kickstarter page to help out with getting them printed and paying the people who helped design it. A bit about him - he's not only an active member, he's one of those people who is happy to help out in multiple ways - building websites, being a herald, helping others out with understanding how the SCA works, trying to find new ways to encourage people to play.... plus he's just a really nice, helpful, friendly guy. In other words, one of those people that you're happy to help because they've helped so many others. On that note, I figured we have enough geeks here that might be interested in something like this, or people who just like to donate to projects they find interesting or fun.

The goal of the game is to collect a set number of points (which the players agree upon before the start of the game) by winning Arms goals. Each Arms goal, much like a real coat of arms, is comprised of several Components such as colors (aka Tinctures), objects (aka Charges and Ordinaries), and the field of the Arms may be divided in various ways (aka Field Divisions). The players' goal then is to draw and play those various Components until they've set down everything that makes up the current Arms goal. First player to play all the required components wins the points listed on that card (which is conveniently equal to the number of Component cards you need to win it, meaning higher point value Arms are harder to earn but worth much more).

(Is this the right/best place to post this? Do we have like... an advertising thread?)
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