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Author Topic: The frustration of a virtuoso player  (Read 3160 times)


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The frustration of a virtuoso player
« on: 07 Aug 2012, 14:35 »

I found this a lot more fascinating than I had expected:
Cameron Carpenter talks about his frustration with organs
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Re: The frustration of a virtuoso player
« Reply #1 on: 07 Aug 2012, 16:03 »

This was fascinating indeed. It's interesting hearing this from his perspective. I'm not going to call myself a virtuoso (not by a long shot), but I feel the same way he does every time I pick up a guitar. I become so caught up in the endless possibilities of what can happen, how I can make them happen, and how the sound of the instrument by itself might just be completely inappropriate for what I'm doing.

It's why I play two other instruments and sing, it's why I'm trying to learn piano, it's why I want to learn as many instruments as possible. It's so I can someday maybe make a truly beautiful piece of art and not be limited to canvas and oil paint.
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Re: The frustration of a virtuoso player
« Reply #2 on: 09 Aug 2012, 13:55 »

He's overthinking it. Just play.
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