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New BBCodes: Soundcloud, Youtube and Twitter

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You can now embed links to Soundcloud and Youtube.  They look like this:

--- Code: ---[soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/jeremy-dawson-1/im-an-organist[/soundcloud]
--- End code ---

and generate this:


I'll try to modify the theme sometime to stop Soundcloud making a scrollbar in some browsers (Opera, that is).

The youtube tag supports any of the following three formats:

--- Code: ---http://www.youtube.com/watch?v={ID}
--- End code ---
Note in particular that https: is not supported at present. (NB - this has changed - see next post)

Be aware that the soundcloud object doesn't show on Apple devices (it's currently Flash, though an HTML5 interface is available, which I'll look into using), and Tapatalk can't cope with either of these tags.

I have been trying my hand at programming a forum mod myself; specifically, I have modified the YouTube mod, as follows:

(1) Video is left aligned instead of centred (unimportant - it's just a personal preference)
(2) https is now handled (indeed, you can also omit the http and www. parts altogether)
(3) URLs in which the "v=" parameter is not the first are now handled (and a wider range of URLs is recognised)
(4) absence of YouTube button in editor is fixed
(5) smileys after video are now rendered correctly

I have yet to address the problem of:

(6) editing when there is no other content

There is now a code to display a tweet in the common manner (but there's no button for it yet).

Given the twitter URL:



{EDIT}  Now the URL (as above, but I disabled it there) will be converted to an embedded tweet automatically, like this:

Oh look!, you can use Vimeo as well:

Changes in Flash support in browsers mean that the SoundCloud tag no longer works in many of them.  I guess I'd better look into that...

{EDIT} see next post...


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