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Author Topic: Jeph, why do you insist on drawing yourself as a relatively skinny person?  (Read 2141 times)


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As someone who loves QC and struggles with body issues, it disappoints me that you draw yourself with what appears to be an "idealized" version of your body (the smoking comic is the latest example), rather than portraying your weight/body shape as it actually is. I can't tell if you are self-aware about this or not, and it doesn't seem to be done as a joke. Why not draw yourself as you are?


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I don't think Jeph is likely to see this, but if he does I honestly think he would find it insulting. He has the right to draw himself however he likes, and you can't possibly know whether he might be struggling with body issues too.
There's this really handy "other thing" I'm going to write as a footnote to my abstract that I can probably explore these issues in. I think I'll call it my "dissertation."


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If you're interested in the possibility of an answer, put the question to him on Tumblr, and watch there for the next Q&A session.  But really, this doesn't seem like a useful discussion point.
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