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The re-introduction thread

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Hi folks.

So there's a forum for introducing ourselves on here.

But the thing is... some of us have been here a while, and things have changed.

When I joined this forum in 2005 (within days of our very own Patrick) I went by the online moniker of DynamiteKid. He was a wrestler in the 80s, a frequently acknowledged cunt of the highest order, and I certainly was a cunt even if most people didn't realise.

I'm not DynamiteKid any more. A lot's changed in seven years. So I asked hodges to change my name just to Gareth, in the same way as Pat used to be KimJongSick and is now just Patrick.

So this is the re-introduction thread. Sorry if it takes up too much space.

My name is Gareth. I'm 24. I live in England. I am obsessed with music, and I am in the early stages of going through an amicable but heartbreaking divorce.

I work at a college in the student services department, a job I actually adore but that I get paid SHIT for when you consider my responsibilities and workload.

A couple of you I already know pretty well (Pat, obviously, and neko). But who is everybody else? What's your deal, yo?

This seems like a not bad idea given (what feels to me anyways) as an influx of new people. 

My name is Kat. I am married to Ackblom12 (Stephen) and we have a non-monogamous relationship.  I feel sometimes like new people don't know that and are at a disadvantage somehow in understanding what is going on. 
here we are:

I am in graduate school in Michigan studying "Information Science" to be a librarian or archivist or records manager or something.  I like to bake and sew, and get drunk and argue.

When I registered here four and a half years ago, I was clearly even more of an oddball than I am now.  I built up people's knowledge of me by posting black-and-white photos of myself as a child, to the extent that at one point I was accused of being someone else's spoof account!  Then I had a period as people's favourite uncle or substitute father-figure.  Then somehow it fell to me to sort out the comic forum when the existing moderators couldn't face it; and now, by default as a result of other people moving along, here I am.  But all the time, I've just been me really.  What you see is what you get, and I don't have a different personality in real life from that which I let you see here.

Though I don't think my wife realises that I actually moderate an Internet forum...  My time with her is too precious (and too full) to waste with such trivia.


--- Quote from: Unicorn on 26 Nov 2012, 16:52 --- was rejected pretty hard because of it. I can understand that; I'm still pretty hurt that I was called a liar repeatedly, though,
--- End quote ---

That wouldn't happen now, I hope and believe.  I'm sure that those of us who remember that period have nothing but admiration for the way that you stood up to your treatment at that time.  Certainly I have; it showed a considerable inner strength.

I don't think I was around here at the time and if things like that were going on, I'm glad I wasn't.


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