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The re-introduction thread

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Whoof, more than six months since you were last here, and more than a year since you were supposed to have stopped being here ( :P ). Where does the time go?

Nice to see you back, how's it going?

lessee here...
about two weeks after my last post, I had another minor incident.
new job in Jan. 2020.
Youngest child graduated HS in May.
90% teleworked from March to March.
bought new house in June & Moved. (technical financial downsizing w/ more sq. ft.)
Sent my Princess off to college in September.
sold / closed old house on NYE.
my wife attained her Masters Degree & Family Nurse Practictioner license in March 21.
I went back to my 90 minutes each way commute in March.
*books on Audible are awesome*
Just laid the 26'x26'x6" concrete pad for a garage I'm building.
and my youngest just started a job at a nearby Theme Park.

-inject "I'm working" every other line.

that is how it is going. 
Doctor says that despite general life stress, my heart and protein numbers are all great.

how about y'all?

Wow, that's a lot. Congrats.

 :clairedoge:I'm so back. Tried to login a few times in the last couple years but it 404'd on me.
Anyway, new me is same as old me. We went back to the orig band name: Illicitizen, during the lockdowns.
Last month we moved from Idaho to Italy.
We practiced with a human drummer last night. He says his English is "shit" and my Italian is worse.
We're in Sicily, a small town. Live music is dead right now but showing signs of a rebirth.
Started from 2008 and 13 yrs later I am become returned and again...
Moves since then:
Charlotte NC -->Queens NY--->New Orleans, LA --->Boise ID ---> Sicily, IT

Welp, I randomly decided to check on this forum just in time for its End of Days. But here's a final re-introduction and some changes that have happened in the last couple years

I'm 28 years old

I live in Chicago now, and am working in live theatre again (as of this April) after a couple years spent first in a shitty retail job and then in a shitty hospital data entry job. So the moves since I last posted have been

Sarasota, FL -> Winston-Salem, NC (to live with family because lol pandemic) -> Madison, WI -> Chicago, IL

At previously mentioned shitty retail job I got Covid (November 2020, pre-vaccinations or really pre-effective treatments at all) had a very bad time and haven't felt quite right since.

The shitty data entry job gave me health insurance, which is when I had my first doctor's appointment in over a decade and found out I was type 2 diabetic - very common in my family but for some reason I thought I was too young for it. In response to this I took up hiking as a hobby, started actually exercising, and lost 50 pounds. I was able to get my A1C back into a healthy range without medication, which I am really proud of.


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