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I'm Paul, and I signed onto the forum right in the middle of the break-up many replies.....

I'm 27, I'm Irish, grew up outside of Cork City, where I live now. Not much to be said about growing up. Studied Applied Science and Quality Assurance in college, and looking to go back to next year and study Literature. Amateur cook and writer seems to sum up the rest of me, oh...and a love of reading and horror films that borders on the obsessive...

TheEvilDog was a nickname I've had since school (There were only 6 of us that took German, so the teacher gave us nicknames, I was "Paulus, you evil dog." The latter of which stuck for several years. Most people tend to call me Evil, although most just use it in an ironic manner, as I am not at all evil...I hope..

Not too much more to say. Then again, I've never really been one for long replies. I always seem to lose the point halfway through.

Wow, February of '09 for me. I wandered in during the introduction of Cosette, and the famous "CARNALLY. ON A REGULAR BASIS." quote.

I kinda ended up here because BLC shut down their forums, and I was a bit put off by the stuff going on with Halfpixel (Kurtz and Straub and company). The comic just kinda ended up being one of my main reads after a while.

I can't speak for Paul and some of the other "older" individuals, but I do see the comic as a way of keeping up with "modern life" - trying to understand people who are much younger than me (including Jeph).

That and the comments in the strip were just too funny.

As mentioned, I'm 29, male, married to Kat and we happen to be poly. I've been around since 2005 or so and typically just ramble on about schlocky horror films (which I currently have a thread for), video games and body modification.

dr. nervioso:
Well I'm the doctor
And I like the cardigans

I joined in 2010 when they fixed the forum signup after the breakup arc. I had been lurking around for a while beforehand.

I'm a 25 year old from the chicago area. I don't post as prolifically as everyone else but I'm usually lurking around. TRVA is a condensed version of my highschool screen name.


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