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Author Topic: Dead Space 3  (Read 2338 times)


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Dead Space 3
« on: 27 Feb 2013, 11:53 »

Bought it two weeks ago and finished it Friday, which spurred me to restart the trilogy and now I'm about halfway through Dead Space 2.

Overall, I liked the game, its a good game, had a decent storyline and some nice innovation. There were a couple of frustrating areas, but thats par for the course with the series (I'm looking at you Asteroid cannon).

I'm not really going to go into an in-depth review of the game, merely pointing out a couple of basic thoughts. The crafting systems makes far more sense for this game than the stores and benches in 1 and 2. "Hey, this of kind of an emergency, I kinda need some rivets and a case of med-gel....wait.... 4000 credits? That's a rip-off". And then, you're dead. But now, it showcases Isaac's abilities, crafting new equipment while praying to the god MacGyver. Basically, there are two types of ways to make weapons; crafting or using blueprints.

Blueprints are simply a means of taking the resources you've collect and making pre-designed weapons from them. These range from the ubiquitous line gun to the Hot Death (A buzzsaw spitter with attached flamethrower).

Crafting does something similar but instead of using a blueprint, you just decide what frame you want to use, attach the engines and then the tips, along with two gadgets you like (scopes or ammo sweepers for example). The only downside is that in previous games, you could carry 4 weapons, in this you can only carry two. (My personal favourites are the assault rifle/javelin and the linegun with rotator module).

Anyway, long story short, enjoyable game, quite liked it and a good way to round out the story.
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