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Author Topic: Distant Worlds  (Read 2381 times)


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Distant Worlds
« on: 05 Apr 2013, 21:25 »

I've been dying to play an epic scale strategy game (Preferably sci-fi) like Master of Orion 2 for half a year now.  One that I keep hearing good things about is Distant Worlds.  Apparently in the beginning it left a lot to be desired but after two expansions I've heard nothing but praise for it.  However there is no demo and its rather expensive (Over $80 for the game and its two expansions for the digital version and more for a physical copy) and no "gold" edition or anything of the sort where it would come with its expansions at a cheaper price.  And to top it off it isn't available on Steam, the publisher has their own digital distribution system that I haven't heard good things about (And honestly I would like to use as few different systems like that as possible as I have decent trust in Valve).

So I guess I'm wondering if anyone here has played the game (Including the two released expansions) and has any opinions or advice about it?
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