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Your favorite menu items from Coffee of Doom

None. Fuck off.
Hang on hang on dangit
A single coffee bean, lovingly pounded into your forehead
"Fuck you, bladder" - 60 oz coffee
Daft punk @200dB
Laura Bush Muffins
Cat hair Latte
spam, spam, spam, mocha, spam
Dog fighting a crow muffins
We stab you so you can call in sick
Pretty good for a Ska band.
Litterbox brownies
Are you sure spathe ham was never on the menu?
Those pale in comparison to my choice, which I'll tell you in a comment.

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Author Topic: WCDT: 2425-2429 (15-19 April, 2013) Weekly Comic Discussion Thread  (Read 2208 times)


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Greetings, I will be your thread creator for this week. I hope you have a pleasant stay; if you need anything, just call down to the Moderator at the front desk. Here is the restaurant menu, should you decide to go there during your stay.
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There already is a second thread my man, and I believe you posted the strip numbers wrong.


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Spathe ham will not be on the menu until Dora goes to SPAAAAAAAAAAAATHE.

(Pigth in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe!!!)

[Merge plz]
Worry Hat, Engage!


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  • I always name them Bitey.

Blue plz
Piglet wondered how it was that every conversation with Eeyore seemed to go wrong.


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There seems no fairer thing to do but to allow the earlier thread the priority...
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