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Author Topic: The Motivator  (Read 2302 times)


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The Motivator
« on: 23 Apr 2013, 17:49 »

Hey you guys,
the last few days, I've been writing an app on the Touchdevelop-Platform, and I was wondering if you would like to participate in writing for it. It's called Motivator, and it's useable through your web browser.

Basically what this app does is it displays a motivational sentence on a flat color, one that the user can change. You'll be able to skim through a whole list of lines that are written solely to make you feel good about yourself.

Here's a gallery of pictures of how it looks on my phone.

You should be able to test a web version of the app here.

It would be kinda cool if you suggested some lines that I can include in this app. The idea of this app sounds kinda stupid, I know, but it does feel surprisingly therapeutic when reading nice things, especially if you're feeling down. If you want to read the list of motivational lines I've written so far, follow this link.

about Touchdevelop: Touchdevelop is an app by Microsoft Research for both Windows Phone and web app that allows you to write your own apps, on the phone. It's using a script language conceived for this app and it's super easy to just jump in and create stuff in minutes. No knowledge about app development is required, but a beginners knowledge on programming paradigms is expected.
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