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I think it's time to say publicly that the mods are getting uncomfortable with the sustained level of flirting in this forum that has built up over the last couple of months.  Yes, we're friendly; yes, we like to get to know each other better; yes, some of us meet up from time to time - but the conspicuous flirting is reaching a level that is likely to be uncomfortable for some newcomers, and even some regulars, and what we want to be above all is welcoming.

I have no reason to suspect that this is leading up to a repeat of an incident (before I was admin) when a user had to be banned because of complaints about their over-zealous suggestive behaviour.  However, I wouldn't like the possibility of someone seeing the present behaviour thinking that it would be acceptable to go a bit further.

So, keep it as friendly as you like, but back off a bit from the overt crushing and so on. This place isn't intended to compete with OK Cupid or the like.


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