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As I had already mentioned in the WCDT, I have always had the intention of running a Mumble (Open Source Teamspeak-like (but better) VoIP system) server on my home server. It would be for the members of these forums, won't be too reliable as there will be a disconnect every 24 hours, but it should work.

I've now set up a server, but am not sure I've set the permissions correctly. So I'd like to know if anyone here wants to "beta-test"! Forum moderators would get additional rights on this server as well.

so, as I seem to have sparked a little more interest in this in the "User facts" thread, I think it would be good to move the discussions about the server to this thread.

By the way Welu: is there a specific reason you left again without even saying hello?  :cry:

Edit: Woohoo! I just managed to talk to Welu! But apparently I have to work on the permissions.

Until I fixed it you need to move to another Channel to be able to talk.

Sorry, the first time I went in I was just checking it out and my microphone wouldn't configure so I had to restart. Also I'm incredibly awkward as you may have heard. Expect me to pop in and out without saying anything sometimes.

I might try this soon. But my mic doesn't seem to be all that good? So I dunno how it will go.

Welu: Nah, I think most of us feel awkward in such a situation.

It was nice hearing you in person! Same goes for Loki, with whom I just talked while he was doing his homework.

The default channel problem should be fixed now, I had to fumble around with the server's sqlite database a bit, so I don't know if it works. If anybody who has not joined the server before could report here, whether he lands in the general or the Chatter channel it would be great!

I'm off to bed now, but I'll now frequent the server a bit more often, in the hope of more people showing up.

Also I'll give forum members more permission, and even more to Mods/Admins when I'm online. In order for me to do that you have to "register" your username on the server. You can do that by right clicking on your name and clicking "register".

Warning - while you were typing a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your post.

Neko: Don't worry, most of us don't have good microphones (I think mine should be at least acceptable) I think. If you're worried of producing too much noise, go to the settings and switch to "push-to-talk". You then can define a "push-to-talk"-button in the "Hotkeys" section, and from then on you will only transmit sound when you're keeping that key pushed walkie-talkie style.


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