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Author Topic: Patreon!  (Read 5624 times)


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« on: 26 Jul 2013, 02:58 »

So this is super awesome. Jack Conte (Pomplamoose, himself) and some other dude named Samuel Yarn has started a thing named Patreon. The basic idea? Become a patron for your favourite artist! I could explain it, but there's a video:

I love the idea! There's a lot of people who do really cool stuff on a regular basis, without them actually having products like cds or t-shirts or whatever you can support them through. This could do the same for indie music, comic and other-stuff production that kickstarter has done for vidja games. Thoughts?

Err, this could also go into the Enjoy or Make subforums, but whatever. I know that a lot of people who could be interested (like me!) doesn't come in here, so could I make a link thread in chatter?
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Re: Patreon!
« Reply #1 on: 26 Jul 2013, 04:26 »

It's a really interesting model. An artist that toured through town a while back is part of a similar site:

I'm just not quite sure if there's enough quid pro quo to feel satisfying for enough people, though.
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