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Author Topic: Mithril Ravens - a webcomic in the Forgotten Realms setting  (Read 4502 times)


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Dear QC Folks,

a lurker friend invited me too establish a rag-tag embassy of our webcomic upon these hallowed forum grounds – so far this place has been very informative to myself, as i was looking up the experiences and works of other comic hobbyist's.

So.. this is the shy attempt to showcase our work.

If it ain't the best place to do so – well – apologizes – we'll pack our stand and move on :P

That comic would be our first attempt on – although we certainly had to do with story and illustrations in the past :) We'd like to share our progress on it, with a more broad spectrum of the known internetz... and hope to receive constructive feedback.

Mithril Ravens is aimed to be a tale of various characters and timelines. Of classy adventuring, aswell as large scale wars. It is a slightly alternative take on the Forgotten Realms (DnD world) setting with a touch of Steampunk. It is inspired by our years-long paper roleplay experiences.
Newcomers and FR-experienced alike, are welcome to follow this little project - It is our first one ;)

Also … It might seem to be spiked with dialogues and text at the very beginning– but gradualy we are attemptin' to decrease the scriptory content in favor of „picture-space“. It was meant to be a graphic novel in part, but we do realise that the written word doesn't have the inviting quality as the pixxorz does.
Well enough said – I'd rather welcome you to decide for yourself.

Find us here !

We'd like to thank ya for Your attention.
Each subscribe or comment on our work would be a great help and we thank You sincerely in advance !

MR Team

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