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I had been wondering if zombies were an invention of modern culture, but it turns out they originate from African folklore, like voodoo. According to Wikipedia, people believed you could make someone a zombie by poisoning them with pufferfish toxin and delirium-inducing drugs. If they survived, the near-death experience and dissociated state of mind would cause them to believe they were resurrected from the dead, and act accordingly.

I learned something about Turkish Language today!

Apparently, the English (and German) word "Horde" has its origins in the Turkish "ordu" (which is old-Turkish for army). The same goes for the word caviar (from the Turkish havyar) and yoghurt (yoğurt)


--- Quote from: GarandMarine on 21 Oct 2013, 20:12 ---I learned that the Mason-Dixon (sometimes incorrectly called the Mason-Dixie) line is all the way up here in freaking DELAWARE.

--- End quote ---

This is correct. It is, however, a popular matter of speculation that the name Dixie is indeed derived from Dixon's name. That's one of several possible origins, though.

Masterpiece, fun fact: Albanian is no longer directly related to any surviving European (or otherwise) language, but borrows heavily from Turkish!

The Turks were everywhere

Probably due to the Ottomans


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