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  • 17 Jan 2021, 10:38
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Author Topic: Dirt Nap (ffo: fidlar, audacity, surfy punk type stuff)  (Read 1525 times)

Moist Cowboy

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I haven't really posted on this board since '08, and i don't remember there being much petty self promotion (read as: what i'm doing right this very second) back then, but i had a conscious "woah i bet some of the dudes and ladies that post on the QC forum would dig this" thought, so deal w/ it y'all.

This is (one of) my band(s). We're from Missouri. We have a full length tape coming out on 12/14.
Here is a song off of it:

I played drums, recorded, mixed, and mastered this, and i'm gonna put it out on tape through my shitty tape label.
If you're interested in tapes, shoot me a message, or wait till they're on bandcamp for sale. etc

Facebook likes, tumblr follows, and all those meaningless social media numbers are a poisonous idea, but i'll be damned if they're not convenient ways to keep up with bands you like. As such, if you dig it:
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