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  • 20 Oct 2021, 07:17
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Author Topic: Consuming Shadow (Cosmic Horror meets a roguelike meets Clue sorta)  (Read 1317 times)


From Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw.

Pretty good stuff actually. Was going to go to bed a few hours ago, but made the mistake of taking this for a spin.

Expect to lose most of the time though.

Game and Watch Forever

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Clicked the link, saw the words "Arkham Horror," decided I'm going to have to cram at least an hour of this into my next weekend. It knew my weakness....  :oops:


Finally got my first win! Great goddamn it was a little close. Was going to shriek if I got torn to shreds right at the end, or fucked up my incantation.  Take that, indescribable elder beings!  :mrgreen:
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