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  • 28 Nov 2021, 23:54
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Author Topic: Re: Blog Thread IIIa : Look Who's Blogging Now  (Read 71741 times)


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Re: Re: Blog Thread IIIa : Look Who's Blogging Now
« Reply #4050 on: 22 Mar 2011, 22:52 »

rock in vancouver in august

hey hey you guys hey keep me in the loop on this

Me too. My parents are trying to rope me into being in Vancouver at some point over the summer anyway, so working it around this would be great.

And thank you for all your kind words folks. It's really meant a lot.

kind of just want to drink a lot but i know that is a bad idea. also kind of wish i had longer in vancouver. i don't know if i'll be ready to leave by wednesday.

That is one of the worst parts about traveling home for a funeral, your time in the place is just taken up by all of these unpleasant things and then you have to go right back over to your other life separate from what has happened.

This is really not much of a thing here. I'd known my friend originally from high school, but he'd come out to McGill at the same time as me, and we'd been closest there. He'd been back in Vancouver only a few months, for mental health reasons, when it happened, so there's still a lot of love for him in Montreal, and I've organized something on Friday there, for all his friends in the east who weren't able to make it to Vancouver for the service. Which is good, I guess; I've definitely not made my peace with it yet, and I think sharing memories of him with those friends of mine who really are closest to me now will help.
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