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Author Topic: Run run run run ruuuun, take your dragon too (the thread for runners)  (Read 3434 times)


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Always good to title topics with misheard lyrics  :clairedoge:

This here is for anyone who is either working up to running (me, doing Couch 2 5k at'minute!), starting out with runs proper or for those of you who go for races and half marathons (even...marathons?) on the regular.
What do you enjoy most about it (if 'enjoy' may be a slightly masochistic term considering how much your calves hurt!), what are your goals with it at the moment, what sort of tracks you prefer to run with, training tips etc.
I'm very new to it all but get a lot of personal reward out of doing it and wanted to see if any likeminded folk were out there.


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I don't like running, but since I hurt my back in the gym last November I'm starting to pick it up as continuing to weight lift isn't possible at the moment until I figure out a new routine. I have signed up for the Warrior Dash in August (5k mud run) and will also sign up for the Spartan Race in mid August (8 mile run + obstacles). I've done both of these before and I am looking forward to them a lot.

Now, to answer your questions

Enjoy -
Snack binges are more guilt free when there has been a recent run.

Goals -
I want that a pack dammit. And a sub 20 minute 5k.

Tracks -
I used to listen to Zombies, Run! Its a fitness app/ebook/game for your phone that feeds you bits of story while you're out running and collecting shit for your post zombie apocalypse community. I haven't played with it in a while, now I opt for switching between MGK and Dropkick Murphy channels on spotify.

Tips -
Find someone to run with, misery loves company. My town has a meetup group that runs together every Monday, then goes out to a bar together. If your goal is to be able to run far, then keep running far. If your goal is to lose weight, then sprint intervals will do more for you. If you want that firm round bubble butt, run hills and stairs.
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I've also recently taken up running. At the moment I run a mile and a half every other day. Headphones are essential, unless unlike me you may have a running buddy.   It took me a few runs for my legs to take the beating, now it's fine and I will continue these short runs for a fortnight or so. Then I guess I'll try to double the distance.   

Good luck. The hardest part is getting past your front door!


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I wish I could like running, but I can't at the moment.  Not because I can't run, but because I suddenly started getting heart palpitations sometime in late high school whenever I did vigorous exercise, and still get them; even when I was in peak condition several years ago I got them on a semi-regular basis while working out.  Diet changes, fitness changes, nothing seems to make them go away, and it kills any motivation to work out.

So yeah, any advice for dealing with heart palpitations?
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Saw the Thread title and all I could think of was this
James The Kugai 

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Haven't seen that one in ages.  I was thinking more of

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Hedgie, great movie.
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